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  Soundtrack To The Novel

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"My favorite mysteries don't just solve a murder, they introduce me to a new world. In "Once Upon A Time In LA," veteran LA music insider and expat Brit Howard Paar takes us on a joyride through the vanished world of 1970s to 90s LA rock n roll. Authentic, fierce, gritty and moving, with loads of local color and scenes along the Sunset Strip, Malibu and Hollywood record offices and nightclubs, this is a welcome addition to LA's mystery literature and Paar is an author to watch." 

- Denise Hamilton, LA crime writer and editor of the short story anthology 'Los Angeles Noir'



 "Infused with an outsider’s affection for L.A., Howard Paar’s lively noir is distinguished by the author's irrepressible love of music and an insider’s savvy take on all the dark twisted corners of the record biz."

- Steve Erickson



Soundtrack To The Novel      

Once Upon a Time in LA / Malibu  Photo by   Christiana D'amore    

Once Upon a Time in LA / Malibu Photo by Christiana D'amore


The Synopsis

Once Upon a Time in LA is a dark, thrilling ride deep into the lives of a megalomaniac record label chairman, mob-related radio promotion men, and a young band that gets sucked into the vortex.

This 70’s to 90's rock ‘n roll noir novel follows music exec James Dual as he battles ghosts of his past in watering holes from Hollywood to Nashville to Mexico. James finds himself quickly drawn into a web of blackmail, violence, and murder after he receives a cassette tape from a neo-noir femme fatale implicating him in a tragedy from 20 years ago. The story pulses with mythic songs and stories from when music defined reality and meant everything to those who gave their lives over to it.